Motoare electrice si generatoare

GENERAL TURBO can provide by own resources all the machining works related to electromotor and electrical generators. Through the joint venture with ALSTOM-GENERAL TURBO we can provide complete electromotor and electrical generators (mechanical and electrical), new components as well as maintenance services and different repair works.

GENERAL TURBO can provide machining works for the following types of electromotor:

  • Synchronous electric motors – range from 1 MW – 10 MW and turation from 14rpm and 1000rpm;
  • Asynchronous electric motors – range from 1 MW-10 MW and turation from 300 rpm and 3000 rpm;
  • Asynchronous electric motors connected with an static converter;

Synchronous generators with power ranging from 1 to 700 MW under own design can be classified as follows:

  • Hydrogen and water cooling generators ranging from 160 to 700 MW, speed 1.500/3.000 rpm;
  • Air cooling generators ranging from 1 to 60 MW, speed 1.500/ 3.000 rpm