Compresoare si suflante

Starting with 80's, under assimilated license GHH-MAN Germany, GENERAL TURBO developed its skills and competences in order to produce centrifugal compressors for the following gas types: air, CO2, H2, H2S, CH4, NH3, SO2, in order to satisfy the requests of chemical and petrochemical industries.

The compressors can be designed with one or two pressure bodies having the nominal work speed ranging from 2.500 to 12.000 rpm.

GENERAL TURBO has the capacity of producing radial blowers for metallurgical and chemical industry as well as air blowers for diesel motors.

The compressors and blowers produced by GENERAL TURBO can be driven by steam turbines or electric motors. The existing endowments enforced by assimilated experience ensure the necessary resources for producing and repairing of compressors and blowers components.

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