Componente turbina cu abur

GENERAL TURBO can produce all steam turbine components as following:

Rotor Components:

  • Rotors;
  • Blades;
  • Labyrinths.

Stator Components:

  • Casings;
  • Vanes;
  • Diaphragms and guide blade carriers;
  • Labyrinths.

Generator Assembly

  • Casings;
  • Rotors.

Control Devices

  • Control valve bodies;
  • Emergency stop valve bodies;
  • Control devices - admission valves, bars, bushings;
  • Servomotor assembly - distributing valves, distributing bushings, servomotor bodies.
  • Accesorii si elemente de asamblare - pene, suruburi, piulite, prezoane etc.

Accessories and Joint Assembling Elements - keys, screws, nuts, studs, s.o.